Jason Saccomano

Jason is the owner of Saccomano Academics Inc. Thirteen years ago he started home tutoring for a few students which is now a thriving academic center that provides resource for hundreds of students in all areas of academia. He developed the model for our academic support curriculum and manages all staff and programs for SaccoMath Club. As any gifted teacher, he aspires to always find new and better ways of teaching math to his wonderful students. Many of his former students credit him for their college and career choices because they found success with his program. 


Dotty Dady

Dotty retired  from Cherry Creek High. She taught AP Calculus AB, Pre Cal Trig and Abstract Math/Linear Algebra Honors. She was the faculty advisor for the Cherry Creek Math Club, and won the prestigious Edyth May Slythe Award for Distinguished Mathematics Teaching in 2016; the Richard E. Lomax National Teaching Excellence Award (2010, 2014, 2016); and Teacher of the Year in the Cherry Creek District in 2012. Dotty has brought tremendous insight and experience to further develop our AP Calculus and Pre Calc Trig programs.


Tony Hopp

Tony has worked for Saccomano Academics for six years.  He has taught all levels of math, and developed the supportive curriculum for our CP Geometry and CP Algebra 2  SaccoMath Club Program. He graduated Cum Laude from Colorado School of Mines in 2009 with an Engineering Physics degree. During the summer, Tony volunteers at the Sky High Hope Camp as a counselor. As a Cancer Survivor (bone cancer in High School), he loves to inspire students to meet challenges with tenacity and confidence. 


 Jesse Kotel 

Jesse graduated from the University of Washington with a BS and MS in aeronautical engineering. He graduated from Cherry Creek High School in 2010. He has worked in developing the SaccoScience Club Program for Chemistry Honors after having worked all levels of the SaccoMath Club Program. Empowering students with the tools and confidence to approach difficult subjects is his passion. Jesse also enjoys reading and writing science fiction stories,  and studying world history. 


David Paynter

David joined Saccomano Academics after retiring from a 30 year teaching career. He designed, organized, and taught the Advanced Placement Biology program at Cherry Creek High School. In addition, he worked in several research labs over a period of six years that include Algae research at SERI (now NREL) and CU Health Science Center.  His experience teaching CP Chemistry for ten years allows him to help a student understand Biology on the simple and most complex levels where Biology and Chemistry become interconnected.