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Saccomano Academics

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Saccomano Academics started in 2007 and has helped hundreds of students with our superb math instruction, quality materials, targeted approach to homework, practice tests and final exam preparation.  With the rapid advances in globalization and technology, it is a must to provide students math proficiency to compete in college and their future career.  

We are in a constant pursuit of finding the best way to teach our students and support them to achieve their best in the high school math class they are enrolled in.  Our SaccoMath Club Membership Program is for the entire school year offering two different times per week to attend the current "standard lesson" for each subject and a seven session finals prep program for each semester final exam. In addition, our members have access to our online "clubsite" with recordings of those lessons, study materials and practice tests. We have open "walk-in" hours for students who need assistance in using our program. Our vast library of recorded lessons are available for members so they can learn concepts that have been forgotten, or not properly learned in the first place. For new students, we will allow you to participate the first two weeks of school prior to paying, so you can adequately assure that the program works for you. These are the three key elements to our SaccoMath Club Process for weekly test prep.

  • Step 1:  Attend the Standards lesson at Saccomano Academics. The instructor will show you how to solve all the “Standard Problem” types you need to perform for your next quiz. If you understand the Standards packet, you should have a good handle on all the material you will be responsible for knowing. Make sure to stay after the session to work with the instructor. For very difficult topics you can always attend or watch a second standard lesson for the materials.
  • Step 2:  Do your nightly homework (assigned by your teacher at Creek) AND TURN IT IN FOR CREDIT!  The Standards packet we cover at Saccomano has examples of all the main problem types you’ll encounter in the homework.Use the standards as reference for how solve the homework problems.  The homework is there for you to practice the correct method to increase speed and accuracy. AFTER you have completed your homework, or if you get stuck on a problem use the homework guides. 
  • Step 3:  Do a practice test before the test and retry problems you miss until success.  Before a math test, you should test yourself to prove you can apply the correct process without help, and find and correct your mistakes before the real test which counts for a grade. We always have staff available for you to take a practice test at a scheduled session and work through test corrections. If you can't attend a second session per week, you can take the practice test from home and work through the key. 

I had a high school teacher tell me once to not think about my math education in terms of a list of facts that I will need to use at some point in my life, but rather, mathematics would teach me to think. It was less about the exact algorithms we were learning and more about working out our brains to make them stronger. Making them capable of absorbing more information easily. As a way of “learning how to learn.”  Our hope is that our program transcends into making better and more confident students in all academic disciplines.

Jason Saccomano